Mt. Harvard 1999
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"Men simply cannot resist exercising and stretching to their fullest extent the faculties and aptitudes with which they each happen to be specially endowed.  One born with an aptitude for painting is dull and morose and fidgety until he can get colours and a brush into his hand and start painting.  Another is itching to make things - to use his hands and fashion wood or stone or metal into forms which he is continually creating in his mind.  Another is restless until he can sing.  Another is ever pining to be on a public platform, swaying the audience with his oratory and playing on their feelings as on a musical instrument.  Each has his own inner aptitude which he aches to give vent to and bring into play.  And more than this, he secretly owns within himself an exceedingly high standard - the highest standard - of what he wants to attain along his own particular line, and he is never really content in his mind and at peace with himself when he is not stretching himself out to the full towards this high pinnacle which he has set before him."

Reinhold Messner, The Crystal Horizon

July 24 - August 1, 1999...I was headed back to Mt. Harvard.